With great attention to detail and with the so-called instinct we burn our schnapps  as to “Opal Albrecht” times. Our schnapps is made from 100% of our own and best dessert fruit, naturally fermented and distilled. The mashing process is precisely controlled and destilled immediately after fermentation. With pure Wildermieminger spring water, the distillate is brought to the right drinking strength to present an excellent brand. And the result tastes good!

For the “clerics” we have our home-made schnapps and liqueurs. To order, simply contact us by phone or form on this page and tell us the desired quantity and your address.



0,5 l Bottle Obstler 12,00
  Boskoop, Elstar, Gala, Jonathan 14,00
  Plum, Williamspear 16,00
0,2 l Bottle Meisterwurz 10,00
  Obstler 7,00
  Boskoop, Elstar, Gala 7,50
  Plum, Williamspear 8,00



0,35 l Bottle Rowan, Zirbenlikör, Cherry, Pear, Apricot, Quince, Elder,Currant, Plum 10,50
0,2 l Bottle 8,00
0,1 l Bottle 5,50
0,04 l Bottle 2,80

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