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Our Fink-Hof potatoes are brought to maturity with love and craftsmanship. The cultivation and the harvest is still like grandpa’s times. The sun plateau is particularly well suited for potato growing. The close-to-nature potato cultivation requires a good flair and a lot of know-how. As well as intensive examination of the plant and its needs. After pre-germination of the seedling, we put the potatoes, if possible in the matching moon sign in April into the earth. After cultivation, the potatoes are piled up. The higher soil layer allows the plant to form the lateral roots. The weed control is done by machine at first by grooming, as soon as a row closure takes place, we fight the weeds manually with the hook. In mid-June, the first new potatoes will be harvested. The sale takes place directly from the farm. We also drive to our customers directly and deliver the potatoes directly to the cellar.

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